Collezione: Sublimation Transfers

This is a sublimation transfer that is ready for you to press onto your personal items. You must have a heat press to use. Sublimation uses special inks that dye the fiber or substrate. Please understand there is not a white ink used, if the design shows white, there will not be any color there, it will be your item's color that will show through.  White bow on white shirt will appear to have a white bow, white bow on a blue shirt will appear to have a blue bow.

Fabrics used to press the transfer on must be light in color, transfers will not show up on dark colors such as navy and black. Fabric items used must contain at least 50% polyester, 100% works best for a more vivid color. The less polyester the fabric contains will result in a more vintage look.

Cups, mugs, and bottles etc (hard substrates) must be specially purchased with a coating made for sublimation.

The transfer you will receive will not have the water marks that are in pictured in this listing.

Transfer sizes are approximate. Exact measurements will vary on the design shape and layout itself. Prices given are for single and multiples of one design.

Mug  11 oz 3.25” high 

Mug 15oz 3.50 high
Infant  6” wide
Toddler 8” wide
Adult size up to xl 10” wide
Adult size 2xl and up 12” wide

Transfer sheet sizes are 8.5” X 11” or 13” X 19”

We print with cobra ink and image right paper

We will fit the number of ONE design per sheet that will fit, so if it is a 8.5x11 sheet and you want a design for the 11oz mug, we will fit as many of that design in that mug size on the sheet that it will hold, this is called ganging

This transfer is mainly used for creating sublimation products; t-shirts, mugs, bags, pillows…etc.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to know how to use these transfers, what they will adhere to and the times, temps and pressure needed for the items you are putting them on. Sublimation transfers require a heat press, a home iron or hobby press will not work.

Please be sure to have read instructions and carefully select desired size. Refunds will not be given. If you have any questions, please be sure to message me. Thank you!!

**Not seeing what you're looking for? Contact us for specific sizes and custom designs.