What is sublimation?

 Sublimation in short is a liquid, turned to a solid that becomes a gas, back to a    solid without ever being liquid again. This is done with a special paper, ink and    poly coated hard substrates and high poly count materials.

How long will it last?

 Sublimation products have a long lifespan. This of course depends on your         care of your product. Shirts will never fade, crack or peel. They are machine       wash and dry. The same for items such as tote bags, koozies, garden flags and   most all material products. 

 Mugs, tumblers and other products will have the care instructions listed in           the description online. We also send a care card for each product with every       order. Ceramic mugs for example are microwave and dishwasher safe.               However to get lifelong vibrancy of the design, handwashing is suggested.

What does sublimation feel like?

Well it feels like nothing. Really you can not feel the printed design on any          product. That is because the heat makes the ink a gas that then adheres to the substrate. In the case of material items it actually becomes part of the fiber.  All other printing processes are laying the design on top of the item or shirt instead of becoming part of it.

 Can you print photos?

We can absolutely print photos on any item we carry. This process allows for full color, high detail printing to our products. 

Can this be done on black or dark shirts/products?

Sadly the answer is no. Because the ink becomes part of the product or shirt, well it would print to it but you wont see it. We have a few other printing processes we offer for these things thru a collaboration with another small business.

Is the a set up fee or art charge?

No we never charge this so long as you are having your products made by us.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is not a minimum order at retail pricing. We do offer wholesale pricing to other businesses. Please contact us to discuss this.

Do you offer just logo or art design?

We do, on a case by case basis. We charge $25 per hour for this service with a 2 hour minimum. You would own the rights to the art or logo designed to use as you wish and have printed where you want.

Do you have a payment plan?

We have many payment options at checkout. Payment plans are accepted though quad pay and shop pay at checkout as well.

Are all of your products shown here?

We have well over 1000 products available. We stock a few hundred and can order the rest. If you go to the top of the home page you will see a blanks catalog. There you can find many more items. You would just need to contact us with what you are interested in.  We also have over 40 thousand in house designs and enjoy creating custom designs based on your input and imagination.