New Sublimation Products!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Sublimation Products!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited with the new print process.  Dye sublimation is a ink to item (substrate) dye process.  This allows us to take actual photo's and put them on sooo many awesome items.  Tshirt, coffee cups, ceramic tiles, slates, koozies...the list is really long and so much fun.

 I have been playing with this new to us process for the past week, busy tweaking the print and press times for each item.  We are getting some good results and sharing them on our facebook page and in the group.  I am looking forward to the first perfect print!

Please follow us on FB at /groups/ladyphoenixcreationsrts this is the place to keep up to date easily.

Our business page is a great place to check on photos of completed work and blanks we offer as well as designs, fonts and color options.  

That page is .  Give it a like and share with your friends and family, I promise we won;t blow up your newsfeed.

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